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St Peter’s Square enjoys a prime location in Manchester, has regular Metro links and is within easy walking distance of Piccadilly and Spinningfields, so much of the attraction of setting up a base here was the ease of accessibility for patients. Manchester in itself isn’t a huge city, and most of the major landmarks are within easy walking distance of each other, although there are plenty of convenient modes of transport around the city.

The history of St Peter’s Square is interesting; a church was built there in 1788 (which was subsequently demolished in 1907, due to a decline in the residential population) that started to reshape a previously rural area. St Peter’s Square then formed a more commercial character, and after the church was demolished, the World War 1 memorial was built in 1924. The Midland hotel was completed in 1903, then the Central Library in 1934 and finally the Town Hall extension in 1938, provoking great interest in the area.

There are many landmarks in the square that are of interest to tourists, including the Central Library, Midland Hotel and Town Hall (which also fronts onto St Ann’s Square. The square is predominantly occupied by the Metro link stop and office buildings, which, of course, are of interest to an Osteopathic Clinic, due to the fact that back pain is present in 54% of office workers. The location is ideal for all the office workers based in and around Spinningfields, as it is just down Peter Street.

Driving into the City during early morning and late afternoon peak times is not advisable; however many patients achieve this by allowing sufficient time to accommodate for the traffic and parking. If you arrive early, there are a variety of restaurants and coffee shops around the area, along with the library and an art gallery, which has free admission. The building that the Clinic is located in is undergoing a £3.5m refurbishment (due to be completed around November 2018), which will add a restaurant, a coffee shop and a work area. Therefore, if you arrive early, or you require somewhere to hibernate, while the traffic calms down, this will be a great location to do so!

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