Who we work with

P1 Fitness

To make long-lasting changes to your body, you need to train with weights, but most people struggle to allocate the time it takes to master weight training in a safe & effective manner.

P1 provides you with a shortcut to great mental and physical fitness!


Prestige Beds

Prestige Beds based in Lancashire is a third-generation family-run bed company, winning national bed federation awards along the way. Providing beds tailored towards all customers needs from comfort and design to health & mobility requirements. Prestige Beds aim to provide the right mattress and bed to work with your needs and provide the best quality sleep so you can prosper in the day.

In partnering with Movement and Wellbeing Clinic we can see the care and dedication they put into health and recovery. Offering a range of services by a qualified Osteopath, the principal physician at the Movement and Wellbeing Clinic will identify any issues and set you on the path to recovery.

We see this partnership as a great way to help people dealing with mobility problems find the best help and resources to follow through with a successful recovery plan and maintain a healthy balance in life both waking and sleeping.


Crimson Performance


Crimson Performance offers one of the most comprehensive professional bike fitting services in the U.K. Based from Rapha Manchester & Push Cartel Ambleside their 5* rated bike fit service will take all the guesswork out of your bike position. Their primary focus is to achieve a bike position that works around your personal goals, injury history and physiological limitations. Every fit is different, find yours with Crimson Performance. Start preparing for your next challenge with their Ultimate Bike Fit service.


The Range logo

The Range

The Range Spinningfields brings the world’s greatest golf courses and premium clubhouse experience to the heart of Manchester.

A members’ club offering golf enthusiasts the perfect blend of luxury and convenience using the latest in virtual reality and launch monitor technology with five state-of-the-art simulators.

The Range also has a PGA coach in-house, who has personally worked with Ed in a rehabilitation capacity to ensure patients and golfers receive the best care for their body and golf swing.


Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

We are very proud to be associated with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Please email for information on special rates for GMCC members.


We have tasked ourselves with providing the highest quality clothing products, designed for everyone that refuses to give in when battling the challenges thrown at us by life. 
When things get difficult and we feel like throwing in the towel, we remind ourselves to get back to it, to never give in, to be defiant. The be defiant.® brand is more than just a clothing label. It is a mindset and one that should be used in more than just our training. Through wearing the be defiant.® brand, this mindset can be applied to everyday life – to help us achieve our goals inside and outside of our training environment.  We all need reminding from time to time to practice some self-care and who better to have as a partner for this than the Movement and Wellbeing Clinic.


Conscious Nutrition

Conscious Nutrition is run by Nutritional Therapist, Alex Georgiou (mBANT, CNHC, mANP rGNC) and offers nutritional therapy in a one-to-one clinical setting.

Alex believes in order to achieve wellness, you must first establish the cause of the imbalance. Treating symptoms does not fix the problem, it is merely like putting a plaster over a wound, whilst you can’t see the wound, it is still there. Alex’s approach to nutritional therapy and wellness encompasses the functional medicine model. This is why we work with Alex, his values and principles on care resonate with ours,