Alleviate pain and prevent further issues in the future

Hello, and welcome to Movement and Wellbeing clinic

I am Ed Madeley the principal osteopathic physician at the clinic. We are dedicated to bringing the best service to you, the patient, as back and joint pain can be an overwhelming experience. Choosing osteopathic treatment for such ailments can bring lots of benefits, not only to alleviate the pain but also to optimise and prevent further issues in the future.

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why choose us

Movement and wellbeing clinic have several core principals which separate us ethically as well as therapeutically from other practices:

About Us

What We offer:

No Contracts

You will never be tied into treatment – patients need an impartial consultant rather than a salesperson

Patient Autonomy

Patients have the absolute right to decide what happens to their body. We are committed to ensuring every decision is made as a practitioner/patient partnership

Frank & Full Explanation

Sometimes patients are left frustrated with other practitioners because they haven’t explained the patient’s ailment. We are committed to explaining thoroughly the issue at hand or explaining why we should refer.

3 Treatment Rule

After three treatments if we don’t notice improvements we shall discuss other options in regard to treatment modality or referral (time spend with this consultation is free of charge)

Everything has its value

We are open minded, our advice is patient led and will be patient centred

Trustworthy Referrals

If it comes to referral to other professions we will not make financial gain out of it, the professional we refer to would be trusted and competent

What our clients Say

Ed has been wonderful to sit with and talk to about common injuries and anatomy. I take a great interest in it and certain mornings we would nerd out together which I will miss terribly as I have learned a lot from him. 

Graziella Väcklén


Ed has been a life changing person to meet. His knowledge and professionalism are second to none. He has helped me with not only my fitness goals but put on me onto a life changing mindset which influences my choices around fitness, food and life. He will always come highly recommended and I'm a big fan of his one-to-one style, even on an online program.

Scott Banks


Ed has been treating me for back pain from a sporting injury I suffered years ago. He was very professional and knowledgeable, and has given me the most effective pain relief out of all the therapists I've been to. Thanks Ed!

Chelsea Doyle


Been training with Ed for the past 12 weeks with regular good results, been perfect to help me losing my unwanted fat but also perfect if u have any issues with injuries or food planning. I would highly recommend Ed to anyone.

Russell Rentton Sidaway


Ed has been fully professional and has helped me a lot more than other therapists, in 3 sessions Ed has fixed a back problem that I’ve had for years. Highly recommended thanks Ed

Samuel Connell


I have been seeing Ed for well over a year now. I have autism and there for need things explained in more detail. Ed was delighted that I had been so open about my situation because he said that he would be able to give me a much better service if he understood all of my needs.

Ian Bayly

I have been seeing Ed for about 2 months now due to a recent hip operation alongside suffering from hypermobility. When I first saw Ed I was still on crutches and had extremely painful joints from not being able to do anything to keep the hypermobility under control.

Shauna Jade Gardner

First trainer I have met without bad coffee breath. Ed seems to get people very quickly he knows what will get me motivated and how to push me. I'm really starting to see a difference in what I can do, and I always leave mentally. It's never borIng and he's a pleasure to train with and also very funny! 

I look forward to my training each week and seeing his happy face.

Louisa Roots