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“With sickness absence costing as much as £522 per employee, it’s widely accepted that a healthy workforce is critical to the success of any organisation” – CIPD 2016

We all know how stressful the workplace can be. Not just emotionally. Physically too. Eight hours a day sat at a computer – that’s a lot of subtle punishment. An inexorable almost imperceptible edge towards a whole world of physical fails. Back pain perhaps or elbow pain (sometimes referred to as tennis elbow) is more of an office than a sporting injury these days.

With people increasingly keen to explore more holistic, more natural stress remedies than popping Prozac, many are turning to mindfulness. Effective, practical, and with employees able to study mindfulness in groups – great value for money too.

The typical sorts of things you can expect with The Moment and Wellbeing Clinic:

Physiotherapy/Osteopathy/Sports Massage

  • General, thorough medical health screening
  • Ergonomic postural assessment using our specialist app
  • On-site Physio/Osteo/Massage treatment


  • Mindfulness practitioner for 121 or group sessions
  • Presentations on stress reduction strategies


  • Massage therapy for individual back/head/foot treatment
  • Nutritional seminars and blood tests to reduce likelihood of fatigue and obesity among staff.


Physiotherapy/Osteopathy/Sports Massage Visits

The number one cause for long term office absence? Back pain caused by mechanical stresses from a poor posture.

In fact, bad workplace posture is an epidemic. Rife among those who don’t protect their health with a body ‘MOT’ check.

In as little as 15 minutes we can prescribe you all the exercises you and your team need to stay healthy. Take slipped discs as an example. We’re all familiar with the term but what a lot of people don’t know is that one of the main causes for slipping a disc is a slumped posture at work. The science is clear. For example, just a 20 degree forward lean with a 20kg front weight results in 275kg worth of pressure on the disk.

The science also reveals that sustained slumped posture and a weak core can delay the back muscles properly engaging to protect the discs. For more information click here to see my ‘back pain’ blog



Mindfulness practice is clinically proven to improve resilience, aid coping mechanisms and combat stress. With emotional stress the number one reason for short term sick leave, little wonder businesses are so increasingly keen to explore mindfulness and the ways that it can protect their staff from stress induced absence.

More than just handling stress and saving money mindfulness also improves workplace relations. A major cause of arguments between colleagues stress can quickly lead to irritation, irritation that leads to anxiety, that in turn diminishes the sense of comradery and togetherness in your teams. While some businesses will take them on a team building week up Snowdon many are turning to mindfulness as a more effective (and cheaper) way of dealing with the internal stresses and strains.


Treating staff well by both acknowledging and addressing their wellbeing not only drives improved employee engagement it also serves as a powerful recruiting sergeant.

Regular, information rich osteopathy and nutritional seminars offer brief and productive opportunities to help employees recalibrate their health. Enhancing these seminars with massage therapy and mindfulness can quickly turn good staff engagement into great staff engagement, with all the benefits that flow from that.

After all who works for the money alone? Studies consistently show that people want more than just a job to pay the mortgage. They want to feel valued. To grow. They want purpose. To enjoy their working life as whole, not just the cash that it gives them.

It’s surprising how few employers recognise this fact and act to inspire and motivate:

“Just 15% of UK workers consider themselves ‘highly motivated’, with as many as a quarter (24%) admitting to ‘coasting’ and a further tenth (8%) being ‘completely demotivated’. 

Poor staff motivation that slashes productivity and costs UK business an estimated £340bn a year.

All for the sake of a simple, high ROI engagement strategy to make employees feel valued and looked after.

Doing it Right

As they say; if you’re going to do something, do it properly. And if you’re going to go to the trouble of benefiting your employees and your business with a wellness programme then of course you’ll want a partner experienced and expert in delivering a world class service.

Ideally a partner able to provide the three core components of workplace health:

At Movement and Wellbeing Clinic we only deploy the most suitable therapists for your programme.

We won’t insist on retainers and we’ll always work around you and your staff to give you the very best value.

An essential, authentic health experience for a happy, productive and profitable workplace.

Questions? Concerns?

Please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic on: 0161 236 3726