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How Frozen Shoulder is Cured

Intro Shoulder pain continues to be a difficult area to treat for manual therapists. The shoulder joint is such a complex joint, partly because it […]

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How Frozen Shoulder Occurs

Intro Shoulder pain is a highly irritating ailment. It can prevent you from sleeping, participating in sport, and working comfortably. The problem with pain in […]

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How to Prevent Cycling Injuries

Intro Cycling is a fun, healthy and competitive sport, with around 6% of the UK population riding their bike at least once a week. The stats show […]

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Why Osteopathy Works

Intro We have all experienced physical pain and discomfort. This pain may be preventing you from participating in your chosen sport or causing you to […]

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Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

You wake up to see a beautiful, sunny morning and consider going for a pleasant, stress-relieving run. You limber up and contemplate the mileage you’re […]

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